Elisabetta, Thomas and the UPLA

Free spirits from opposite cultures, Elisabetta the Italian and Thomas the Norwegian meet in Milan in 2012 on a midsummer night. From that moment a special relationship is born, based on strong principals of curiosity, authenticity and play.

Coming from different backgrounds, Elisabetta a fashion designer and tailor, Thomas a sustainable business developer, confront each others connection with nature and beauty in its many surprising forms. This fuels a hunger to explore and create new interpretations of the world around them.

From a common need emerges a personal product that represents their love for the Italian excellence, but also the Scandinavian practicality. An object that equips their exploration, but also their taste for cheeky elegance. A versatile and sharable garment, designed to accompany them on their every-day-journey.

The first prototype starts living its own life in New York. People curiously stop and ask about it. Speak with it on the subway. Take it for a walk. And give it their own flavor. UPLA is born. 

Five years later Elisabetta and Thomas are opening up UPLA as a way to celebrate origins, textile tradition, and the natural calling for play that people express when they wear it.