A magic blanket that embraces who you are!

Simple. Fast to wear. Quick to understand.

Handcrafted with upcycled fabrics from luxurious productions, The Upla pays tribute to the Made in Italy excellence.

But with a new universal interpretation.

"...I realized I had my Upla"

“I was going to the Brooklyn botanical garden for a picnic and forgot a blanket.. but then when I got there, I realized I had my Upla"

Krishna, The Banker, New York

"My life with UPLA"

"...is like a happy island where I cuddle and feel good"

Erika, The Lingerie Merchant, Belluno

"It pairs well with everything fall.."

"The best thing about the weather turning cold again is my UPLA. It pairs well with everything fall...a good book, cozying up by the fire, long walks, my favorite clogs, mulled cider, dinner with friends"

Kristin, The Nurse Practitioner, Brooklyn

"UPLA is a must for me."

"From the snow of Norway to the sand of Black Rock City, UPLA is a must for me. I use it even on top of suits for keeping me warm during my business travels"

Matteo, The Investor, Milan

"...where did I get this UPLA"

"This is really warm and cosy, but it must also be something very special. All the time I get asked where did I get this UPLA"

Gro, The Engineer, Oslo


THE UPLA is meant to be the perfect hug for you to share with your loved ones.